Top 8 Problems In The Truck Industry That Trip In Can Solve

‘Digital Transformation Journey’ has been the catchphrase across industries due to widespread technological development and rapid internet penetration. While some organizations have been comparatively slow in jumping onto the digital bandwagon, Trip In has capitalized on the boons of digitalisation through its mobile application for online transport booking services.

Here’s a list of 8 problems bugging the Truck Industry that Trip In can solve in an instant:

Communication Gap

Communication gap: Gone are the days when verbal and written communications were the only modes of interaction. This mode of communication in the truck industry leaves ample scope for miscommunication of relevant details such as the address for freight shipping. This often gives rise to unavoidable circumstances like network disturbances and lack of connectivity, or human errors. With Trip In, the app clearly mentions the delivery address and other details, doing away with communication gap.

Unreliable truck drivers: When companies hire third-party freight shipping organizations, they often have to shoulder the burden of tyres and fuel theft by truck drivers, leading to unnecessary rising costs. Trip In ensures industry best practises through extensive training sessions with their partners, like holding sessions on smart ways to sub-lease trucks to drivers. What’s more, direct incentives to the drivers for their hard work boosts their morale, keeping the process free of theft.

Restricted delivery locations: Lack of infrastructure to conduct business in different locations is another issue that affects the truck industry. The Trip In mobile app, equipped with advanced technology that allows real-time tracking of trucks, enables our partners to accept online truck transport requests for delivery to remote locations.

Lack of transparency in online truck transport services: A larger part of the truck industry still depends on verbal updates from their drivers regarding the destination reached, details of completed deliveries and such other essential information. With no scope for referring to any records, real-time tracking is a far cry away, leaving scope for theft and miscommunications.  Trip In makes up for this gap by enabling our partners to track the trucks through the app real-time, ensuring transparency.

Lack of customised services for truck loads online: One-size-fits-all services are passé. Digitalisation and dynamic technology has made it possible for organizations to offer customised services through a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of partners and clients, making them feel valued. Trip In fills the gap that is prevalent in the truck industry.

Lack of well-maintained trucks: Regular maintenance of trucks are often overlooked in the freight shipping industry. Trip In scores ahead with a smart feature in the app that alerts trucks whenever they cross a stipulated time period or have travelled beyond a certain distance.

Long-drawn procedure for truck loads online delivery confirmation: The standard industry norm for the proof of delivery is physical delivery confirmations. The driver is given a challan by his shipping company that enlists the charges, such as poll charges, incurred while the truck is on the way to its destination. The driver hands over the challan to his company authorities after successful delivery of freight. The challan is then couriered to the organization that has hired the shipping company for the transportation of its freight as a confirmation for successful delivery. Contrary to this hassled and time-consuming process, Trip In automates the delivery confirmation process by simply entering a digital code in the app.

Unreasonable price quotes: Unreasonable price quotes are often among common practises in the truck industry.  The Trip In app, with its transparent and streamlined online truck booking service, introduces process improvements that check exorbitant price quotations by shipping companies.



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